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How to choose gloves in winter

Feb. 02, 2021

When shopping for Gloves, the size of large and small should be appropriate. If it is too large, it will not be able to keep warm and make the fingers move inconveniently; if it is too small, it will hinder the blood circulation of the hand and cause discomfort.

Gloves should be fixed for your own use, and you should not wear other people's gloves casually to avoid spreading skin diseases. For example, scabies,ringworm on the hands, etc., can all be transmitted through gloves. In patients with hyperhidrosis, the skin on their hands is blue and cold in winter, but the palms are prone to sweating. These people's gloves should use cotton products, which are warm and have good water absorption, and can be washed and changed frequently.



For people with chapped hands and feet, the chapped in winter becomes worse. Because the hands need to be rubbed every day, it is best to wear double gloves. The inner gloves should be made of thin fabrics for frequent washing. A few people are allergic to certain chemical fiber skin. The use of gloves made of this material should be avoided.

The child's hands are thin and tender, and the gloves are made of soft cotton wool, wool, or elastic nylon products. You can choose Warm Lambskin Baby Mitten for children. The blood circulation of the elderly is poor, the hands and feet are particularly afraid of cold, and the skin is relatively dry. Gloves should be made of light and soft fur, wool, and cotton wool. Wool gloves are a very suitable product.

Wear gloves when riding a bicycle in winter. Artificial leather, nylon, or thick materials should not be used. In winter, artificial leather is prone to hardening, nylon is too slippery, and the friction is small. It is easy to slip on the bicycle. The material is too thick and the fingers are inconvenient to move. These are not conducive to safe riding. Hand-Stitched Sheepskin Glovesare a good choice, flexible and warm.

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