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How to ldentify Genuine Sheepskin?

Feb. 23, 2021

Genuine leather is leather, which is mainly processed from mammalian skin. How to identify the authenticity of sheepskin? Below Sheepskin Glove Supplier will take you to look at the detailed identification method! 

Sheepskin Glove

Sheepskin Glove

First, feel:

That is, if you touch the leather surface with your hand, if it feels smooth, soft, full, and elastic, it is genuine leather; while the general synthetic leather surface is astringent, rigid, and poor in softness, click with your fingers on the edge of the upper near the sole. If it is cowhide, there will be fine wrinkles. When you release your finger, the wrinkles will disappear naturally. This phenomenon does not occur with synthetic leather.

Second, seeing:

Leather and leather have clear pores and patterns, yellow leather has more uniform fine pores, yak leather has thick and sparse pores, and goat skin has fish-scale pores. Mostly refers to artificial leather and synthetic leather, which are characterized by no pores. No matter how much synthetic leather such as "imitation sheepskin" imitates, you can also see the traces after the mold is pressed.

Third, smell:

All dermis have the smell of leather; artificial leather has a strong odor of plastic, and there is no scorching odor when burning. Ignite: Tear off a bit of fiber from the back. When it is lit, it emits a hair odor. It is the dermis that is not hard and crusty.

Fourth, ignite: 

Tear off a bit of fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather, and when it is ignited, anyone with a pungent odor will form artificial leather; anyone with a hair odor will not have hard leather.

Fifth, appearance

Sheepskin is characterized by grainy pores that are oblate and deeper into the leather; the pores are clear, and several are arranged in groups, arranged like scales or jagged. Pattern features such as "water ripples". Sheepskin is light, thin and soft. It is an ideal fabric for leather clothing. Sheepskin Hat is beautiful, soft and natural, light, soft and flexible.

(1) Sheep skin:

The cortex has more fat content, the fibrous tissue of the skin is loose, very soft, the grain surface is fine and smooth, and the extensibility is large, but it is not strong.

(2) Goatskin:

The cortex has less fat content, the fibrous tissue is fuller than sheep skin, the pores are clear, the cortex is elastic, solid and durable.

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